Animal Rescue

  • Larry Romano Loves Helping Animals

    For The Love Of Animals

Click on the picture above to see the video of Larry at an adoption event!

How Can I Help Larry Rescue Animals

Walk Your Passion

Enforce Animal Abuse Laws. Find Forever Homes. Form Trap, Neuter and Release teams that will eliminate Feral Cat Colonies. Stopping over breeding.

Educate Yourself

Learn about how devastating Feral Cat clowders can be. That trapping them and bringing them to shelters for neutering, can really help control the populations. After educating yourself on the best animal rescue shelters, let interested parties know where they too can rescue a dog or cat.

Tell A Friend

If you care about the cause of animal rescue, it is important to spread the word. Most people like dogs and cats so it is not a hard sell to get them to understand your passion about animal rescue. Who knows, with enough passion and conversation, you and your new passionate friends may be able to start your own animal rescue charity.


It's important for us to find the charity that is right for us and to give to help end animal abuse and neglect. Every dollar counts so please consider donating to a shelter or animal protection agency of your choice.